DC Drive Sprint Electric




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24 – 380 Vac 50/60 Hz; 20 – 980 kW


Ease of Control

A 4 button keypad and large alpha-numeric display make it easier to quickly navigate through an extensive range of software                                functions.


Fully Configurable & Controllable

The PL/X is fully configurable by the user and comes equipped, as standard, with a comprehensive suite of application blocks.

Centre winding macros, spindle orientation and a fully controllable field allow you to control DC motors in a wide range of industrial                     applications. The PL/X also includes PL Pilot, a windows based, configuration and monitoring software package.

Technical Information

At a glance:

  • 2 Quadrant PL
  • 4 Quadrant PLX
  • Control DC motors up to 2250 Amps (980KW/1320HP)
  • “PL Pilot” drive configuration and monitoring software included
  • Alternative ‘Savvy’ configuration tool with signal flow diagram capability available
  • Ultra compact sizes offer significant panel space savings over other manufacturers
  • Large 40 character backlit alphanumeric LCD display
  • Programming menu is designed for rapid travel to desired parameter using ergonomically designed keys
  • Enhanced motor protection
  • Built in suite of application blocks
  • In depth fault monitoring and comprehensive system alarms
  • Easy-to-use menu structure, using English language parameter names
  • Real language parameter description eliminates need for look up tables
  • Easy to use product manual with display graphics and block diagrams
  • UL, CuL and CE approved

Technical Highlights:

  • Extremely flexible block diagram including unique ‘configuration checker’, detects conflicts in user                                                     programmed configurations
  • Five feedback transducer options as standard
  • Non volatile trip alarm memory, even after power-down
  • Built in ‘oscilloscope’ output for full parameter monitoring during commissioning
  • Motorised pot simulator with power off memory
  • Three fully independent, user programmable drive configurations
  • Extensive, multi-function programmable I/O, with over 36 digital & analogue input/output combinations
  • Full suite of centre winding macros included
  • Built in system application blocks with descriptive connection points
  • Unique electronic regenerative stopping facility on selected 2Q models
  • In depth fault monitoring and comprehensive system alarms
  • Serial communications to allow off site programming and remote diagnostics
  • In depth diagnostic facility available from on board display and ‘in-built meter’
  • On board fully controlled field with five operating modes
  • Full suite of built in encoder functions as standard, including spindle orientation
  • Motor parameters entered via keys, – no soldering of cal resistors required

A closer look: More technical details

Download the PLX product manual.    |    Download the PLX product datasheet.


Inputs / Outputs


  • 8 Analogue inputs and 4 Analogue outputs
  • All outputs short circuit protected
  • All inputs are over voltage protected
  • I/P’s programmable voltage range up to +/- 30V


  • 17 Digital inputs and 7 Digital outputs
  • Digital I/O short circuit proof
  • Digital inputs over-voltage protected
  • Digital O/P’s over-voltage protected

Diagnostic monitoring

  • All analogue input voltages
  • All digital input states
  • All analogue output voltages
  • All digital output states
  • Tach volts
  • Motor armature current (Amps)
  • Motor field current (Amps)
  • Motor armature volts
  • Output power KW
  • AC supply volts


  • Interline device networks
  • High energy MOVs
  • Instantaneous overcurrent
  • Overcurrent (150% for 25s inverse time)
  • Field failure & overcurrent
  • Motor over-temperature
  • Thyristor stack over-temperature
  • Mains supply phase loss
  • Mains synchronisation loss
  • Armature overvolts
  • Overspeed
  • Speed feedback mismatch
  • Stall protection
  • Standstill logic
  • Thyristor trigger failure
  • Digital output short circuit
Speed feedback.

  • Analogue tach
  • Encoder
  • Armature voltage
  • Encoder + Armature volts
  • Encoder + Analogue

Standard software functions

  • Full suite of centre winding macros
  • Motorised pot simulator
  • Two undedicated PIDs
  • Two undedicated Summers
  • Delay timer
  • Current profiling
  • Zero speed position lock
  • Jog / Crawl functions
  • Spindle orientation
  • Two undedicated Filters
  • Dual motor swap
  • Latch
  • Auto self-tune current loop
  • Linear or S ramp
  • Slack take up
  • Batch counter
  • Draw control
  • Three user programmable drive configurations can besaved in the PL/X’s memory

Field configurations

  • Fixed current
  • Fixed voltage
  • Field weakening
  • Delayed quenching
  • Standby field value
  • Field economy


  • Rs232
  • Profibus
  • DeviceNet
  • CC-link
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus
  • CANopen
  • drive.web Ethernet

Power Ratings

Model Nominal Power at 460V Armature Current Field Amps Dimension

H x W x D (mm)

PL/PLX 5 5KW / 6.6HP 12A 8A 289 x 216 x 174
PL/PLX 10 10KW / 13.3HP 24A 8A
PL/PLX 15 15KW / 20HP 36A 8A
PL/PLX 20 20KW / 26.6HP 51A 8A
PL/PLX 30 30KW / 40HP 72A 8A
PL/PLX 40 40KW / 53.3HP 99A 8A
PL/PLX 50 50KW / 66.6HP 123A 8A
PL/PLX 65 65KW / 90HP 155A 16A 410 x 216 x 218
PL/PLX 85 85KW / 115HP 205A 16A
PL/PLX 115 115KW / 155HP 270A 16A
PL/PLX 145 145KW / 190HP 330A 16A
PL/PLX 185 185KW / 250HP 430A 32A 505 x 216 x 294



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