Special Purpose Inverters


CHV190 – Special Inverter for Crane (4 ~ 500kW)

Features :
1. The time sequence of brake logic control and monitor function.
2. Light load acceleration.
3. Master-slave control of power balance and speed synchronization.
4. Crane operation mode.
5. Professional communication function. (Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet)
6. Slack rope detection.
7. Upper monitoring software.
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chv-180CHV180 series frequency inverter special for elevator

Technology Features
● Input & output
-Input voltage range: 380V±15%
-Input frequency range: 47~63Hz
-Output voltage range: 0~rated input voltage
-Output frequency range: 0~400Hz
● I/O features
-Programmable digital input: Provide 6 terminals which can accept ON-OFF inputs and 4 inputs can be extended by I/O extension card.
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