DBU Dynamic Braking Unit

dbu_dynamic_braking_unitDBU DYNAMIC BRAKING UNIT

Dynamic braking unit is applied in quick decelerating, positioning and braking. Because of the big inertia of load, when braking, the momentum will be converted to electric energy, and then the voltage of D.C. main bus will go up. The DBU can be used up the regenerative energy, so as to prevent inverter being at over-voltage fault.

Product Description:

  – Braking voltage: Multiple braking voltage are optional
– Paralleling pattern: Support mater-slave paralleling.
– Response time: Less than 1ms, can offer multiple noise filtering.
– Protection: Over-temperature, Over-current, Short-circuit, etc.
– Resistance: Non-inductive resistance.
– Protection level: IP20

Certification by : ce





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